Setting up my own network inside room and connect with common router [on hold]

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Background and Specs

I’m currently planning to add a personal network inside my room because of several reasons. However to do that, I thought to buy my own router and setup inside room and connect that to Ethernet wall port of the room. Also my Synology DS218j NAS will be connected with my personal network. This is the story inside room.

When it comes to outside, there are 4 rooms including mine where having one ethernet port for each room is a must. So I thought to use

CAT6 cables for inside the walls and wall to device connectivity Common router (TP-Link W8951ND provided by ISP) – Does not support Gigabit ethernet (Max: 150Mbps) 5 port switch (Tenda SG105 Network Gigabit Switch which has auto negotiating (I think which means auto-sensing)) Another router for my room (Still Undecided the model)


So I have few problems and will state and describe them below.

My internet connection is more like 20Mbps. So using ISP provided internet router is enough to access the internet. But when it comes to my room router, to be able to communicate in maximum speed with Synology DS2018j, it’s better to have a Gigabit connectivity. So gigabit router is necessary I think. So my question is, is my conclusion correct? With this setup, would I be able to access 20Mbps internet and high speed gigabit connectivity inside my room? Can you kindly recommend a router for my personal network? I have to setup home network as well. So as I explained earlier, above stated devices will be used. But my ISP provided router does not provide an “Uplink port” (Router LAN ports are labeled as LAN1, LAN2, LAN3 and LAN4. Not Uplink). So how can I setup one (If necessary) and connect with my switch ? Is auto-sensing and auto-negotiating same? Is there an additional setup should I do when I connect My Router -> Switch -> ISP provided router.

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